Thursday, February 10, 2011

Big Day Out

Hi everyone! Its been a little while since my last post, I know, but things here have been getting ridiculously busy. School is kind of starting to become a real thing and I have a lot more work to do since mid-terms are only 3 weeks away... scary. Anyways, I can not believe that I have already been here for over a month. Time is going by wayyy too quick.

Last weekend, as I talked about before, I went to the Big Day Out music festival... it is going to be really hard to explain this to everyone, bc it was nothing like I have ever seen before. Basically it was at like a fair-grounds type place and there were 6 different stages that all had different themes. Also, there were 30,000 people there... it was WILD.

My friend Jackie and I flew out on Thursday afternoon not knowing what to expect at all... except for maybe the best day of our lives haha. Anyways after a 2 hour plane ride (not bad) we were in Adelaide! We went to the hotel, which was actually pretty nice and then we changed and went to look for somewhere to eat/ go out. Before I forget though here is a picture of the room we were in... no lie, it was for ants. It was the smallest room I have ever seen.
And what you see here is what you get. There was a bathroom to the left that only one person could fit in at a time... kind of stuggs but it was all we really needed. After having dinner we walked around Adelaide a little bit. It kind of reminded me of Church Street at home, there were shops on both sides and a road type thing that was just for pedestrians... but obviously it was wayyyy bigger than Church street. It also kind of reminded me of it too, because there were people all up and down the streets playing musics and doing street performances, it was really cool to see. Our plans of going out kind of failed- we were both tired and knew we needed to be on our A-game for the next day. So we went back to the hotel for ants and chilled. We were watching the news as we were falling asleep and there was a whole section on the big day out and we got soooo excited!

Ok, so finally the day of the showsss! We caught a free bus to the showgrounds, got our "tokens" for drinks (they didn't want people using money so you bought tokens and gave them to the people working at the beer booths) and then we headed in.
This was the first stages we went to. Earlier in the day there weren't really any bands we knew very well so we kind of wandered around taking in everything in. At 2 we went back to the stage in the picture and we saw Lupe Fiasco! For those of you who don't know him, hes a hip hop was SO MUCH FUN. After 2 we had shows we wanted ot go to that were all back to back. So basically we would leave one, go to the bathroom, get a beer/water, and then go to the next one. It was crazy but the best thing ever. At around 5 (i think it was 5?) we went to see Matt&Kim, they are my favorite band right now. It was the best concert ever. I went to see them in November in VT and they were good, but here was so cool. Here are some pictures. The stage was called the Lily Room and it was just like a psychedelic awesome, open area.

Yeah, so that's how close I got to Kim... Matt actually grabbed Jackie's boob... it was ridiculous. At the end of this post I will try and post a video... not sure if it is possible, but we will see. Anyways the next show we went to was Bloody Beetroots, which is like hard-core electronic music. I think that this was by far the most insane thing I have ever been to/ seen. We went in and basically got sucked into a mob of clashing bodies, sweat, and dancing. Sounds gross, but it was so awesome. At one point I had to put my hair in a bun because it was getting caught under people's arms and it got caught on a girl's nose ring (so happy no hair was caught on mine). It was so wild. Here's a picture from that...
So yeah just insane. At this point we had a little while until we saw the last one.. MIA. so we went and saw Ratatat, who is also electro, but kind of in a more "chill" way than bloody beetroots. Finally it was MIA. I don't even know how to explain how that went. We were smooshed together just like a bloody beetroots, but people were actually going insane. She was an awesome performer, but I think I definitely liked Matt&Kim and Bloody Beetroots better. So yeah, after MIA we went back to the hotel and then the next day we went home! Once we got home (all I wanted to do was die in my bed) we had to go out to the clubs because it was our friend Maya's 21st bday!!

So yeah Big Day Out was like nothing I have ever seen/done before. I am having SO MUCH FUN here I seriously can't explain how happy I am that I am doing this. I am starting to never want to come home... but I miss everyone, so it has to happen haha In about 30 mins my orientation/ program group is leaving to go to Byron Bay! There we are taking a surf lesson, taking a tour of an Indigenous tribe and going swimming in a lake that has "healing powers". It is going to be really cool and I will post after I get back!
Jackie and I
 ^^^^ Matt&Kim singing one of my fav songs

<<<<<Blood Beetroots... Just to give you a sense of what I was talking about.

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